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There is a list of medications containing "Albendazole" as a main active pharmaceutical ingredient (API), their available forms, doses and also pharmaceutical companies: manufacturers, distributors, suppliers, researchers and developers:

The first trade name of products Lists of Albendazole medications The last trade name of products
A 1 A 1 - ABL (Capri Pharmaceuticals) ABL (Capri Pharmaceuticals)
ABL (Malar Healthcare) ABL - Abzole DS Abzole DS
Aciworm Aciworm - Alba (Nac International) Alba (Nac International)
Alba (Suzikem Drugs) Alba (Suzikem Drugs) - Albazen (Kaizen Drugs) Albazen (Kaizen Drugs)
Albazen (Zensar Health Care) Albazen (Zensar Health Care) - Albekon Albekon
Albela Albela - Albenda (Gulf Pharmaceutical Industries, Julphar) Albenda (Gulf Pharmaceutical Industries, Julphar)
Albendazol (Glomed Pharmaceutical) Albendazol (Glomed Pharmaceutical) - Albendazole (Flamingo Pharmaceuticals) Albendazole (Flamingo Pharmaceuticals)
Albendazole (Fulton Medicinali) Albendazole (Fulton Medicinali) - Albendazole (Unibios Laboratories) Albendazole (Unibios Laboratories)
Albendazole (Windlas Biotech) Albendazole (Windlas Biotech) - Alben-Hero Alben-Hero
Albenic Albenic - Albenz (Sowmedica) Albenz (Sowmedica)
Albenz (The Forty-Two) Albenz (The Forty-Two) - Albest (Lifeon Paediatrics) Albest (Lifeon Paediatrics)
Albest (Nestor Pharmaceuticals) Albest (Nestor Pharmaceuticals) - Albins Albins
Albitif Albitif - Albrodo Albrodo
Albstat Albstat - Alden Alden
Aldezole Aldezole - Alged Alged
Algem Algem - Alminth Alminth
Almix Almix - Alto Alto
Alvela Alvela - Alzel Alzel
Alzental Alzental - Anoworm Anoworm
Anth Anth - Askabend Askabend
Askaworm Askaworm - Banazole Banazole
Bancee Bancee - Belgyn Belgyn
Ben Ben - Bendex Bendex
Bendifer Bendifer - Bentiamin Bentiamin
Benty Benty - Beworm Beworm
Bewormex Bewormex - Bueno Bueno
Byeworm Byeworm - Cidazole Cidazole
Cinel Cinel - Dabdesyre Dabdesyre
Dabenzol Dabenzol - Dazolin Dazolin
Debar Debar - Ebend Ebend
E-Bend E-Bend - Elbenol Elbenol
Eleben Eleben - Endy Endy
Entoplus Entoplus - Exporm Exporm
Exzol Exzol - Frantel Frantel
Fucaris Fucaris - Goworm Goworm
Halb Halb - Helmex Helmex
Helmintal Helmintal - Hyemex Hyemex
Hymin Hymin - K-Bex K-Bex
Kealverm Kealverm - Kitnil Kitnil
Labenda Labenda - Lurdex Lurdex
Manozide Manozide - MekoZetel MekoZetel
Merimin Merimin - Mycotel Mycotel
N-Bend N-Bend - Neurozole Neurozole
N-Ford N-Ford - Oben Oben
Ocalb Ocalb - Omnitel Omnitel
One-T One-T - Paranthil Paranthil
Parasin Parasin - Pyme ABZ Pyme ABZ
Q-Anzol Q-Anzol - Rediout Rediout
Reezole Reezole - San-San San-San
Santil Santil - Shazole Shazole
Siabend Siabend - Sovibend Sovibend
Sozibendal Sozibendal - Taur Worm Taur Worm
Taurworm Taurworm - Tiobend Tiobend
Tiveable Tiveable - Valbason Valbason
Valbazen Valbazen - Verdazol Verdazol
Vermanth Vermanth - Vermixide Vermixide
Vermoil Vermoil - Wenkill Wenkill
Winkill Winkill - Woodband Woodband
Woriv Woriv - Wormikin Wormikin
Wormin-A Wormin-A - Wormja Wormja
Wormkut Wormkut - Wornic Wornic
Wornil Wornil - Zalvon Zalvon
Zantol Zantol - Zencid Zencid
Zend Zend - Zeroworm Zeroworm
Zeworm Zeworm - Zuwarm Zuwarm

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